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Posted by on Apr 28, 2014 in Supplement Reviews, Thick Liquids Phase | 0 comments

Muscle Milk Light RTD Peach-Mango Review

Muscle Milk Light RTD Peach-Mango Review

With my busy schedule, I rely on ready-to-drink protein shakes more often than I care to admit! And with my diabetes, I’m limited to sugar-free, low- or no-carb choices.

Let me first tell you that I would really rather not drink protein shakes! I’m cursed with a sensitive and delicate palate. I think all protein shakes taste like fake food. And most of the sugar-free ones are disgustingly sweet.

The peach-mango flavored Muscle Milk Light is not so bad! Yes, it’s very sweet. But the fruity flavors have a tiny bit of zing to them, which is something I can’t say about chocolate and vanilla protein shakes.

Of course, this stuff tastes much better if you pour it in a blender with some tart berries and whirrrrr! But for me, these ready-to-drinks are all about speed and ease.

With the limited choices out there, Muscle Milk Light RTD Peach-Mango is well-stocked in my fridge.

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