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Posted by on Mar 16, 2014 in Kitchen Tips | 0 comments

Rah Rah Ramekins!

Rah Rah Ramekins!

ramekin dish

I’ve always adored ramekins. There’s something about these petite ceramic baking dishes that makes me want to fill them with goodness! And after surgery my love for ramekins has increased tenfold. They’re a wonderful tool for baking small portions.

Oh but I’m forgetting the varieties of ramekins out there! The traditional ceramic sweeties are what I’m accustomed to. But glass ramekins have long been used as well. They have the added bonus of exposing the beauty of your entire serving.

Metal ramekins are also available. I have no experience with these. I suspect you’d want to be cautious about the thickness of their bottoms. You don’t want to invest in kitchen ware that produced burnt bottoms, after all.

square ramekinsSilicone ramekins are now becoming quite popular. They come in fun colors and shapes. If you have experience with silicone ramekins, I hope you’ll post a comment here and let me know if you like them! I’ll try them myself soon.

Many kitchenware makers are experimenting artistic and modern ramekin designs. Hearts, squares, and a variety of handles are just some of the creative variants.

Here are some tips for working with ramekins:

Bobbie Flay Ramekin Set

  • Be generous with your cooking spray, butter, or other grease. This is especially important if you’re not going to serve the food IN the ramekin. It needs to easily fall out when you tip it over. But it’s also a good idea even if you’re serving in the ramekin. No one likes to use a hammer and chisel at the dinner table.
  • For baking, place the ramekins on a baking sheet covered with foil or a non-stick mat. When the ingredients bubble over, you don’t want that burning-goo smell rising from your oven element and stinking up your kitchen.
  • Ramekins come in many sizes. Post-surgery, I’ve found that the 3″ ones get the most use. They’re just the right size for one little meal.

Here are some recipes that work well in ramekins:

I promise to add more!

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