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What’s It All About?



Welcome to Gutless Gourmet, a positive and helpful place for people who have had bariatric surgery or similar stomach changes. Some of us have smaller stomachs due to cancer or other ailments. Others have had gastric sleeve, gastric band, or gastric bypass surgery. What we have in common is that we want to be healthy and strong and enjoy delicious, nutritious food.

We’re in the early stages of building this site. It will continue growing and growing. Our goal is to provide these types of information:

  • Protein-rich recipes
  • Vegetarian high-protein recipes
  • Low-sugar recipes and hints
  • Small-portion recipes
  • Tips for preparing and saving small portions
  • Reviews of protein drinks, powders, and foods
  • Reviews of vitamins and other nutritional supplements
  • Recipes and tips for early phases right after surgery
  • … and other survival tactics!

Keep coming back to see what’s new.